The latest and greatest from Golden Cast

Sorry but the site needs to be rebuilt. In the meantime, here is a blog post. Just kidding but I did want to at least leave something for anyone that visit to read. Here is my shot at that little something.....

I love listening to music. Since I remember walkmans I think it is really cool that we have mp3 players. No more tapes or CDs to carry around. Then from there I started to get into noise cancelling earphones. These are definitely awesome as I can tune out the world when I am commuting to or from work.

Even better yet has been to shed the wires on my earbuds. My latest (I go through a lot of them) is a nice set of wireless earphones. I have an expensive item, earphones that use Kleer technology. Awesome, just awesome I tell you.

But I digress. I will redo this site soon.